Vera Uberti2024Multimedia Artist
In Wonder(is)land
Isola del Garda
Garda Lake
About the project

In Wonder(is)land, Vera Uberti’s open air exhibition on Isola del Garda, Italy, consists of eight luminous and immersive installations by the artist and the video Open my Glade by Pipilotti Rist.

This place, a private island currently owned by the Italian-English Cavazza family, boasts a neogothic-venetian style villa built by the architect Luigi Rovelli and its park, which was of great inspiration for the artist.

It was precisely the enchantment of the island’s natural landscape that generated the spontaneous dialogue between art, nature and literature: centuries-old trees, lakes and hidden views were perceived by the artist as a fairy-tale place, bringing to mind the surprising journey experienced by Alice in Lewis Carroll’s famous 1865 book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


Isola del Garda
Apex Consulting
KIF Italia
24 ore cultura/MUDEC
Paola Serboli
Ananda Uberti

The exhibition, with its large multimedia installations harmoniously inserted into the landscape, represents the central moments of Alice’s story, and, at the same time, offers the visitor the possibility of living a new type of artistic enjoyment experience. He is encouraged to feel alive like Alice, to be surprised and overwhelmed by the art and world he is exploring and finally to free his mind with her fantasies and existential questions. Giving us the opportunity to embark on this journey into the unknown world of thesubconscious to ask ourselves who we are and what we want was the main reason that led the artist to create each of her installations.

Like the famous literary work In Wonder(is)land, thanks to the monumentality of its installations which go beyond the limits of closed spaces and static supports, for the benefit of ultra-sensorial enjoyment, it breaks established rules and standards without imposing limits on the imagination, it is only dream and fantasy, amazement and admiration, real and unreal. Everything is possible.

And it is precisely this freedom, which does not follow any traditional rules, the singular and characterizing element of the exhibition, created to undermine pre-established dynamics and thus create new possibilities of fruition.

In this exhibition art is placed in close contact with nature and its audience. Colours, shapes, movements, sounds and smells change our perception of the world, stimulate our senses, opening the doors of the mind to fantasy and imagination, freely.


Pipilotti Rist – Opera Open my Glade
Furio Valitutti – Sound Designer


Alberta Cavazza
Daniele Pedruzzi
Paola Capitelli
Simona Serini
Francesco Mazzei
Giambi Umberti