Vera Uberti2024Multimedia Artist
Pinocchio, a beautiful art!
Secs Belenzinho
São Paulo
About the project

The exhibition Pinocchio, a beautiful art! by Vera Uberti at the Secs Belenzinho in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is an artistic event made up of nine installations and a Grand Atelier. This is a collective work built with the participation and collaboration of several artists from various parts of the world who were invited by Vera Uberti to tell the character of Pinocchio through their art.

Pinocchio, a beautiful art! reinterprets Carlo Collodi’s story The Adventures of Pinocchio in dialogue with contemporary art to stimulate the public, in particular children and young people, to approach the world of art in a playful, fun and direct way, without intermediaries. The exhibition tells the story of Pinocchio’s transformation from a simple piece of wood into a flesh and blood human being. Nine installations like the number of months necessary for the gestation of a human being to allow visitors to experience firsthand the adventures of Pinocchio in the different stages of his human development and allow them to relive and experience the process of growing up through a physical immersion in the world of art.


Secs Belenzinho
ARTE 3 Assessoria Produção Marketing Cultural
Studio Azero


Zaven Pare
Studio Magenta
Luciana Magno
GRL – Brasil/Gambiologia
Marti Guixe
Studio Azzurro
Ultrassom Music Ideas

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Grand Atelier

Pinocchio’s Grande Atelier is a space designed to stimulate reading and creative production in children and adults interested in working with raw material to know it, understand it and then transform it with the aim of creating something new. This space is made up of nine stations which present themselves as ‘facilitators’ of this creative process aimed at developing critical sense and aesthetic sensitivity in the new generations.


Danilo Miranda – Direttore
Áurea Vieira
Juliana Braga
Nilva Luz
Paolo Mestriner
Sara Omassi
Giambi Uberti

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