Vera Uberti2024Multimedia Artist
La Porta Segreta
Spazio C.AR.M.E
About the project

The exhibition The Secret Door by Vera Uberti comes to life at the CARME space, a recently restored former deconsecrated church, which for years has established itself as an important cultural space in the historic center of Brescia.

The strong spiritual energy of this particular place generated great inspiration in the artist for the creation of the two light installations that make up the exhibition: Red Sea and The Serpent.


Associazione Culturale C.AR.M.E
Giochi di luce

Insight ↓

Kundalini is a term in the Sanskrit language that indicates a flow of divine energy, intangible, present in every individual, in a state of rest or in suspension, located at the base of the spinal column.

This dormant energy is our life energy and is generally represented or conceptualized as a coiled snake.

When stimulated, the Kundalini awakens, moving in a ‘serpentine’ path that goes up our spine to the highest point of the head. In essence, Kundalini is a ‘Secret Door’ that allows our mind to confront our unlimited soul, opening our consciousness to higher planes, increasing our sensitivity so that we perceive more distinctly not only the reality that surrounds but, above all, supporting us on a path of profound awareness that brings with it a state of permanent blessing.

The exhibition La Porta Segreta with the installation The serpent prepares the body for the awakening of the Kundalini, activating this energy in the body of visitors to the point of generating an energetic state responsible for a greater awareness of oneself and therefore, a feeling of blessing deep enough to be able to touch this energy with your hands in the next installation, The Red Sea.”

Vera Uberti


Furio Valitutti – Sound designer


Armando Chiarini
Fabio Bix
Monica Carrera
Valeria Magnoli
Marco Inselvini
Comune di Brescia