Vera Uberti2024Multimedia Artist
Stravaganze Imperiali
Imperial Villa of 
the Grotte di Catullo, Garda Lake
About the project

The Stravaganze Imperiali exhibition by Vera Uberti dialogues with the landscape and architecture of the Grotte di Catullo on Lake Garda. A historical setting, a UNESCO heritage site, illuminated by eight maxi immersive light installations and a monumental triptych by the famous photographer David LaChapelle, which together combine contemporary art and multimedia technology, thus reinterpreting a place steeped in history.

The Caves of Catullus, located at the tip of the Sirmione peninsula, are the most important archaeological example of a Roman villa from the early imperial age present in northern Italy; in fact, they preserve within them two hectares of a historic olive grove with more than 1,500 trees and the remains of Villa Catullo, one of the largest Roman residential villas in Northern Italy.


Direzione Regionale Musei Lombardia
Area archeologica delle Grotte di Catullo
Fondazione Soldano
Giochi di luce
24 ore cultura / MUDEC
Paola Serboli – Architect
Simone Salamanca – Videomaker
Ananda Uberti – editing opera ART

Stravaganze Imperiali offers visitors to enter history and relive it firsthand through artistic installations which offer a new possibility of enjoying both the art itself and the architecture of the caves, which is reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The exhibition allowed the public to take a journey back in time to find themselves at the time of the glories of Imperial Rome, leaving the visitor with the clear perception of having experienced an “other” place, a magical place where dreams became for a moment reality.

History and contemporaneity, illuminated together in a unique and emotional artistic experience that stimulates the minds, emotions and imagination of the user.


David LaChapelle – Opera ART
Furio Valitutti – Sound Designer


Dott.ssa Emanuela Daffra –Director
Dott.ssa Flora Berizzi –Director
Daniela Grandi
Paola Capitelli
Simona Serini
Giambi Uberti