Vera Uberti2024Multimedia Artist
Reflexos (in)versos
Farol Santander
Porto Alegre, Brasil
About the project

The Reflexos (in)versos exhibition by Vera Uberti, is made up of eleven multimedia installations and is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written in 1865.

The exhibition comes to life in the Farol Santander cultural center in Porto Alegre, Brazil and presents itself as an immersive and exploratory journey within light installations placed in dialogue with the historic building that hosts them. Open to different interpretations, this journey takes the viewer into the world of wonders thanks to the use of digital technologies that create new possibilities for artistic production and enjoyment.


Farol Santander Cultural Porto Alegre
Doppio Culturale

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Reflexos (in)versos, engaging and surprising, invites the visitor to venture through the different installations that prove to be an integral part of Lewis Carroll’s work, taking us on a journey into our subconscious world using works of art in maxi format. And it is precisely this freedom, which does not follow any traditional rules, that is the singular and characteristic element of the exhibition, created to break pre-established dynamics and thus generate new possibilities for enjoying the artistic experience by proposing a new way of telling stories. Between lights, colors, music, everything is fantasy and a dream for the visitor.


Pipilotti List – Opera Open my Glade
Furio Valutti – Sound designer


Ivan Lourenço
Marcos Moraes
Paola Serboli
Monica Pasinato
Ligia Pedra
Ananda Uberti
Giambi Uberti

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